Beautiful You - A Day to Celebrate & Support our Daughter's as they Cross the Threshold to Womanhood!
Event Curriculum's
Beautiful You GIRLS 7-9 years
Understanding your body & Preparing for your menstrual cycle                          What in the world is going on with my body?                     
Do I really have to wear this uncomfortable bra?               
What is a "period" anyway?  
Am I going to die if I bleed to much?
Importance of body cleanliness & care                        
Do I really have to take a shower every day?                      
B.O...the truth about body odor                                       

Boy Crazy
Appropriate behavior toward a boy
Setting healthy boundaries
Why "playground dating" is a bad idea!                                                                                 
God's best for you!                                                   
Saving yourself for marriage
Your gift of purity
Marriage & Motherhood
**Please note: this is not "the talk,"  Our conversation will be kept G rated & God Honoring!
                         Beautiful You TWEENS 10-13 years
The Power of Vision
Dream Big
Living a life of Integrity 

Understanding your body & menstrual cycle                       
What is really happening during my period?                             
The best care for your growing, changing body                                                                           
Boys & Dating
Learning how to set healthy boundaries
Stylish vs. Sleazy...why what you wear matters!
The purpose of Dating                                                                                             The dangers of sexual immorality 
God's Best for You!              
Your gift of purity!
Saving yourself for marriage
Leaving a legacy that matters
**if your daughter is struggling in the area of sexual purity, please consider attending the TEENS event.

                        Beautiful You TEENS 13-18 Years

Personal testimony of Janet Pearson             
Sexual immorality                                          
School expulsion                                           
15 & pregnant                                               
The Power of Vision

Guys & Dating                                                
More importantly than when is who                    
Why should I care if my Parent's like him?
Does he really have to be a Christian?

God's Best for You!
The gift of purity in Marriage
The blessing of Children
Leaving a legacy that matters!

Breaking the Male Code of Silence
A candid interview with Mike Pearson

Please be advised- Our older daughter's will get the REAL DEAL regarding sexual immorality & promiscuity!  If you have a "young" 13 year old please consider the TWEENS event.  If your daughter is 12 going on 21...consider attending a TEENS event!  Regardless of our age/event recommendation it is completely up to YOU what session your daughter attends!  Please attend the session that you believe will minister to her most!