Beautiful You - A Day to Celebrate & Support our Daughter's as they Cross the Threshold to Womanhood!
Beautiful You is a ministry of House of His Creation which is designed to strengthen the critical relationship between Mother & Daughter, as well as inspire girls of all ages to live a life of
PURITY & PURPOSE before the Lord!  

 As our daughter's become young women, they desperately seek love, affirmation & approval.  After working with teen mom's since 2005 and speaking to over 2,000 young people on sexual purity, I have seen first hand the importance of teaching our girls
HOW to run the race BEFORE it starts! 

Our desire at House of His Creation is to open the door of communication between you & your daughter!  She will be encouraged to come to you with questions, instead of going to friends who may unknowingly mislead her!  Our events are designed to support YOU as her mother, as well as help your daughter understand the rules & boundaries set around
her life are for her benefit! 
Through Biblically based teaching & honest testimony, Beautiful You will help prepare your daughter for the greatest call of her life...
                                                           Sincerely, Janet Pearson 
**If you are a Grandmother, Aunt or Mentor of a young lady and would like to bring her to this event...WE WELCOME YOU
We want EVERY girl to know she IS beautiful!